A fight over a nickname PHL football doesn’t need

Once again, fans are up in arms after the Philippine Football Federation “officially” dropped the Malditas monicker in favor of a new one. I say officially because the first two attempts didn’t feel they had an official blessing and fans pushed back, why fix what isn’t broken?

Well, the PFF finally fixed it. Filipinas are the new Malditas.

First, my take on the Filipinas or as some has funnily pointed out, the Philippine Filipinas. Imagine its usage in the mainstream news come the World Cup (of course, no one will use Philippine Filipinas); will casual fans or viewers think it’s the nickname of the women’s national football team or would they think they are called Filipinas because they are a women’s national team? Every women’s national team has been referred to and will be referred to as Filipinas. It’s the way it is.

As to the Malditas being offensive for some, hey there is no Cebuano outcry for Tagalog news speakers to stop using “lagay” when referring to weather condition, right?

But, like I said, the deal has been done. The PFF has given its blessing. The Malditas are no more. (Read that last line in Palpatine’s voice.)

Or are they? Like I said, it’s a nickname. If Efren Reyes, in his 70s, is still called Bata by all means continue calling the team what you want to call it. The Filipinas will stick because every now and then the football beat will be reminded to use it. The Malditas will stick because fans who love it will continue to use it. Besides, for them Malditas is more than a name, it’s an identity or an attitude.

Heck, I won’t be surprised if a hybrid Malditas Filipinas nickname will arise because of this.

It’s just unfortunate that this has divided fans and has put a wedge between fans and the PFF in a testy time when both need each other. If you want to push for the nickname that you want, keep the exchange civil. Or if you want to prove a point, vote with your mouse—share or react to articles that refer to the team with the nickname that you want.

Or, to keep it simple. Use the name that you want, we’re Filipinos we’ve gone through at least three nicknames by the time we finish high school. I have a cousin Ernesto, some drinking buddies call him Estoy when he’s in Poblacion East and Westoy when he’s in Poblacion West. Remember, Filipino nicknames, sometimes is not about the person that is being referred to but the one using it.

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