CVFA to manage formation of new Bohol regional FA

The Philippine Football Federation has approved the creation of more regional football associations (RFAs) during its recent congress held in Manila.

Among those approved to apply as a new member is Bohol, which is under the Central Visayas Regional Football Association (CVFA) during the last revamp undertaken by the PFF.

This is a picture of CVFA president Rodney Orale holding a ball
SUPERVISED ELECTIONS. As the member of the PFF board, Rodney Orale will be supervising the formation of the new Bohol RFA.

However, to make sure that there won’t be a return to factionalism in the province, only Bohol clubs and personalities who have registered under CVFA will be allowed to participate in the formation of the new Bohol Regional FA.

“The PFF has authorized us to manage the creation of the new regional FA and I was one of the board members assigned to oversee the Bohol elections,” said CVFA president Rodney Orale, who is a member of the PFF board of governors.

Orale said that the Bohol Regional FA is not a revived version of the previous member association but is a new organization that will go through the whole membership process, starting with an election that will be supervised by the CVFA.

I am assuring our clubs based in Bohol who have registered with US that they will be the ones who will take part in the formation of the new RFA. We will just guide them and supervise their elections. We will help them grow to be independent so after four years, they will be managing the elections on their own

CVFA president Rodney Orale

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