USC holds tryouts for athletics, football teams

In a positive sign that collegiate sports is slowly returning to normal, the University of San Carlos is holding tryouts for its football team a few days after concluding its tryouts for its athletics team.

USC, which won the last four Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. football titles, will hold its football tryouts from July 4 to July 15 at its University Stadium from. Field players are requested to wear white jerseys, while goal keepers are requested to wear red jerseys. Those who want to join the tryouts may click this google form to register.

On the other hand, athletics coach Arvin Loberanis said more than 50 joined the tryouts for USC’s athletics team, which is seeking 12 male and 12 female athletes for its

2022 roster.The week-long tryout started on June 27.

Loberanis said most of those who showed up were out of shape due to the absence of local competitions in the past two years but added some showed potential, especially the 5K runner who registered a time of 16:40 in his trial run.

2 DOZEN. USC coach Alvin Loberanis says USC has allocated 12 slots each for its men’s and women’s athletics team.

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