Accidental club-founder celebrates 10 years with Real Carcaranon Club de Futbol

A quirk of fate for football supporter Oliver Ryan Rusiana led to the creation of Real Carcaron Club de Futbol, which recently celebrated its 10th year.

Rusiana, who is from Zamboanga, told CebuSports.Net that a botched stint in an inter-BPO tournament had him with lots of cleats and lots of time but with no tournament to join with.

“I noticed there were a lot of kids playing at the Carcar City Central School and I decided to check them up and they had fun playing,” said Rusiana.

MILESTONE. Members and supports of RCCF celebrate their 10th anniversary. The club was founded by Oliver Rusiana, who found himself with ample time after a botched stint at an inter BPO tournament in 2011.

An accidental coach, Rusiana said his experience in college wasn’t a good one, having been denied entry in the tryouts of the University of San Jose-Recoletos because he wore the wrong type of shoes. Though he transferred to the University of the Visayas, he didn’t join the Greenbooters tryouts. a three-peat Coke-Go-For-Goal champion from the Zamboanga Polytechnic College and the Captain of the city’s Team B for the Adidas Cup Inter-Zonal, Rusiana would have made the cut had he joined the tryouts.

So he stayed away, picking up the game again when he joined the Inter-BPO meets. His coaching also started accidentally, when he met the Carcar kids and decided to take a risk in training them. The club members grew slowly as he got tapped to coach the Carcar Central School, doing it for free, and he managed to recruit elementary and high school players.

THE ORIGINALS. The team’s original core of players when Rusiana formed the club in 2011.

The birth of the Ultras Sugbo, a passionate group of Azkals supporters, also boosted his club as he joined the support group and they in turn, not only supported his club but even played for them.

“With the club growing, we were able to organize our own tournament, with powerhouse teams like Hiroshi and Avengers,” said Rusiana. They also joined futsal tournaments all over Cebu Province, traveling as far as the Lapu-Lapu Hoops Dome and Alcoy.

His age groupers have also done well, with a Carcar team made up of an RCFC core making it all the way to the prestigious Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association and even beating Lapu-Lapu Danao City.

Nagdagan ang mga katuigan nga naka-sugat ko ug football passionate, plus the Ultras Sugbo, nga supporters kaayo sa among Club.

Oliver Rusiana

However, like all clubs everywhere, training had to stop when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and Rusiana is hoping that once face-to-face classes resume, he can revive the grassroots training.

BADIAN. RCCF’s men’s open squad in the Badian Men’s Open.

Aside from Rusiana, the other coaches and trainers of RCCF are Ryan Alcoriza, a License C holder, Chad Nino Lopez, a PYCC certificate holder, James Ryan Medida, who is from the University of San Carlos, Marlou bongator, who won the Best Defender award for UV in the Cesafi, Arnel Omayao of ANS Pomeroy and Filmore Nabua, formerly of Talibon FC.

Mike T. Limpag
Mike T. Limpag

Mike T. Limpag has covered the Cebu sports scene for over 20 years, starting as an 18-year-old cub reporter for the Freeman in 1997 before moving to SunStar Cebu in 2001.

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