Breaking news: East Timor complaining about RTPCR results of best players ahead of Singapore game

Sources from the Philippine national team said East Timor, which they beat comfortably 7-0 in their last game of the Suzuki Cup is complaining about the RTCPR tests of their two best defenders and two best strikers.

Quoting someone from the East Timor squad, the source said the four players have not been out of the hotel and sees it as an underhanded move to help the host run up its goal difference in case the Lions need it. The players were allegedly woken at 6:30 a.m. for an antigen test and were told that the RTPCR test they did a day prior yielded positive results. However, East Timor said its own antigen test showed a negative result.

Thailand and Singapore are currently tied at six points going into Match Day 4, with the Thais getting the top spot owing to a better goal difference. The Philippines is third and needs to beat Thailand to keep its semis bid alive.

Mike T. Limpag
Mike T. Limpag

Mike T. Limpag has covered the Cebu sports scene for over 20 years, starting as an 18-year-old cub reporter for the Freeman in 1997 before moving to SunStar Cebu in 2001.

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