Cebuano sportsman Fajardo leads daredevil team in conquering Indian pass

Noted Cebuano businessman-sportsman Zandro Fajardo will lead a group of daredevil Filipino riders in conquering the highetst pass accessible by a motorcycle in India on Aug. 20 to Sept. 1.

The Oz Racing Motorcycle Adventure Gear-Riding HIgh Khardung La will see the Pinoy riders cover 1,300 kilometers in terrains that stand 18,380 feet above sea level.

TREACHEROUS. Cebuano businessman sportsman Zandro Fajardo (with microphone) talks about their daring plan to traverse India’s treacherous motorcycle paths that is 18,380 feet above sea level.

“This ride is a bit personal for me,” said Fajardo during the grand launching of the event yesterday at the OZ Racing shop in Paco, Manila. “The idea of riding in the Himalayas with my team first came to my mind back in 2016. I would have wanted to dedicate it to my father who was suffering from lung cancer at that time. I want to do something that will make him proud of me. But it did not happen until my father passed away in 2017. The following year, I wanted to join another group for a similar ride but again it did not push through.”

“It was then that I see the wonder of the Himalayas. So enamored by its beauty that it motivated me to organize the same event. I wanted my friends to enjoy such experience of a lifetime,” Fajardo added. “I initially set this ride in 2020 but was bumped off by the global pandemic. Two years later, we’re still here coming together. Barring any hitches and unforeseen circumstances, we’re all set for this once-in-a-lifetime journey on August 20 to September 1.”

Presented by OZ Racing in partnership with Colokal (Explore beyond the usual), the 12-day Himalayan expedition will take the participants to eight spectacular destinations in Ladakh starting off in Leh to the towns of Lamaryu and Alchi. They will then head to Region Viz before taking on the main showcase in Khardung La. They will have two more stops in Pangong Tso and Chang La before winding up in Tso Moriri.

“If you are a passionate adventure rider and want to go to new heights, literally, this is the journey for you,” said Fajardo, who will be joined by Camilo Bacalso Dacua, Christian Silva Netto, John Jedrick Syren, Wesley Syren, Joel Yuga, Jojo Yu, Kenneth Jude Timtim Villagonzalo, and Aristotle Dionisio in this motorcycling touring event.

With all their efforts and sacrifices, Fajardo firmly believes that it’s the journey, rather than the destination, is what it’s all about. That gives them added motivation.

“Checking out not only places but also people and their beliefs will make this trip meaningful and worthwhile. We’re all pumped up for this epic ride. Once we get past this tough challenge, I’m pretty sure that all of us will tick one thing off our bucket list,” Fajardo said.

“It’s a daunting task ahead but we’re ready to rise above the challenge. We are doing this not only for personal pride, but also to make our fellow countrymen proud. We offer and dedicate this ultimate ride to the entire Filipino nation,” Fajardo said.

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