Cesafi to resume livestream, warns coaches, players derogatory comments may earn season ban

After temporarily halting the livestreaming of the Cesafi basketball games, commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy decided to resume the airing of the games starting on Nov. 19, due to the overwhelming demand from fans, including those outside Cebu.

DON’T MESS WITH THE COMISH. The author with long-time Cesafi commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy, who warned coaches and players derogatory comments online may earn them season-long ban.

Tiukinhoy decided to halt the livestream due to the negative reactions the league received after it decided to uphold the referee’s decision to count USJ-R’s buzzer-beating three in its one-point win against USPF.

USPF coaches protested and said the basket shouldn’t have counted and used as evidence a clip of the livestream. However, in a decision that came out after a meeting with officials a day later, Cesafi reiterated that there is no provision in its ground rules to use replays as basis to question game decision by officials.

However, Tiukinhoy is reminding coaches, athletes, and officials that as part of their ethical conduct, they should refrain from posting derogatory statements that puts Cesafi in a bad light.

“The sanction is suspension or ban for the rest of the season,” Tiukinhoy said in his message to athletic directors that was shared to the media.

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