CRMC hecklers, an embarrassment for Bogo City

Fan interaction is always a welcome part of any basketball game but when some fans go over the line, such interaction is no longer welcome. It seems some supporters of Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges (CRMC) forgot that when they began insulting players of the University of Cebu during their, ironically, 84-68, loss on October 14, 2023.

A photo of the Cesafi game between CRMC and USPF. (Photo by Cesafi)

CDN Digital ace reporter Dale Rosal has been covering sports events since the players in CRMC’s team were in diapers, so he has seen it all, for him to point out how the hecklers were becoming way out of line means something.

As new members of the league, CRMC is under a microscope, especially with some Cebu City-based schools not getting the opportunity to become members Cebu’s collegiate league.

These schools are asking, “What can CRMC offer that we can’t?”

So far, the answer reflects badly on the school and the league.

The hecklers may think that what they are doing is just innocent fun but there’s nothing innocent about the nasty words they are throwing at the players. I mean, how would they feel if those words were thrown at them in their own backyard?

They’d probably start a fight.

I already warned the coach and the captain ball of Roosevelt to behave during their games.

Cesafi commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy in group chat to reporters

One other thing these fans—nay bullies—have to consider is that their actions not only reflect on themselves but also on their schools and city as well.

And so far, Bogo City is doing a collective facepalm.

The basketball community in Cebu is a small one and so far, they are saying, “So that explains why they behaved that way in the Cviraa, it is their practice.”

If CRMC doesn’t want to be labeled as the guys you don’t want to play with, the school better start telling the fans that put them in a bad light to behave.

A lack of action on their part may cause some to believe the school is tolerating such actions. Consequently, the refusal of these hooligans to obey should the school remind them to behave also would lead the other Cesafi members to believe the school is tolerating their actions.

Such are the consequences of these fans’ misconduct on the court.

If that is their practice in Bogo City, then they should remember that Cesafi is not Bogo City. Titles don’t matter much in the Cesafi rather it is how a team or player behaves that leaves a lasting impression.

As new members, the CRMC has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this year’s title. If the school wants its maiden season to be a positive memory, it should ask itself—what sort of image does it want to project in Cesafi?

FOOTBALL. The football tournament has started and so far, the first two games offered quite a surprise with Don Bosco Technological Center routing rival Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu 8-0 and the University of Southern Philippines Foundation holding the defending champion the University of San Carlos to a 0-0 draw.

DBTC’s win means Ateneo isn’t a contender this year, while USPF’s showing also means the Panthers are again a contender. USC has won the last five titles and while I’m a Golden Booter fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing a new champion.

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