Former USC captain relishes journey to college degree

FORMER University of San Carlos Golden booters captain Steven Patalinghug shared his struggles of finishing his BS Physical Education degree while playing for the nine-time Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. champion.

“Grabi ang struggles, USC is not a joke! Grabi interms of education. The quality of the education is very high yet enjoyable. I work hard, trying my best to cope with school, the demands of the varsity, and to be honest – trying my best to fit in with the lifestyle of other students who mostly had the resources they needed when they needed it,” said Patalinghug, who was named the Cesafi MVP in 2019.

“In terms of playing. Every day, I train. always doing my best to be one of the best. I cannot afford to be removed from the varsity since my athletic scholarship covered for my schooling. At the same time, I need to work hard to bring honor to the school like what the team always pursued to do. I just tried to balance academic and sports. Always keep pushing even if succeed or fail – just keep pushing.

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