On the fence with Cebu sports

To be honest, during the first lockdown last year, I thought it would be over after a couple of months at most and we’d be back to normal. At that time, China was going into its sixth week of lockdown and I assumed that surely, we couldn’t possibly do worse than the source of the virus.

Well, as they say in the movies, “assume makes an ass of you and me.”

Since then, the whole country has been under quarantine, be it modified, enhanced or general or modified with enhancements.

Sports has taken a backseat, though some leisure non-contact activities have been allowed like running, biking and golf. The country’s number one pastime, basketball, has been limited to bubbles.

Basketball courts all over Cebu lay empty and unused. I think the last friendly game I saw in the pandemic resulted in cops being called on the scene.

But that could change soon if the Provincial Board will have its way. On May 17, they passed a resolution asking the IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases) to allow the resumption of sports in the province. Provided, of course, that protocols will be followed.

IATF MOVE. Cebu vice governor Hilario Davide III and the Provincial Board will ask the IATF to allow sprots activities to resume in Cebu Province. (Photo from vice-governor’s FB page)

To be honest, I’m on the fence with this one. I wouldn’t mind if this will be approved and I wouldn’t mind either if it won’t.

Why? We seemed to have gotten over that second surge as active cases are on the decline. I just fear that should there be an increase, sports events—even if protocols are followed—will be blamed.

Other regions are restricting their borders, for fear of the Covid-19 variants that are more infectious.

But on the other hand, you could say that when can we start on the road to normalcy if you won’t be brave enough to take the first step? I mean, in some towns, it seems it’s back to pre-2019, except that people are wearing masks. We have joggers, runners and bikers. People celebrating birthdays and fiestas.

Having sports events that follow the Covid-19 health and safety protocols should be the perfect next step.

Better to have sports events that follow protocol than nothing at all. In the past, there was a “dayon-dayon” game I saw and I’m pretty sure the crowd was back to 2019 practices.

How will the IATF react to the Provincial Board’s request?

Your guess is as good as mine. I’d be happy either way but I’m sure a lot of folks starved of their favorite sports want to see it go one way.

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