Typo error prods some Bohol clubs to skip CVFA tournament in Sagbayan

A typo involving the name of Bohol in the official Facebook page of the Central Visayas Football Association has made some of the Bohol-based clubs stay away from the Mayor Junjun Suarez 8th Engineer’s Cup Football Tournament on Aug. 26 to 27 in Sagbayan, Bohol.

Engr. Nilo Ferraren, in grassroots chairman of the CVFA, said there were a lot of teams who reserved slots for the 11-a-side and 8-a-side divisions of the tournament but due to a minor conflict between Bohol and the CVFA some of the teams backed out.

TOURNAMENT READY. The beautiful trophies for the winners of the Mayor Junjun Suarez 8th Engineer’s Cup in Sagbayan, Bohol. (Photo grabbed from Sagbayan FC FB page)

The conflict started when the name of Bohol was mis-spelled in the CVFA official page, an error which the regional FA has already apologized.

“There were nine teams that reserved slots for the 11-a-side division and about 80-teams for the 8-a-side. But due to a little conflict between the CVFA and Bofa, we had some difficulties…Now, there are only six teams for the 11-a-side. So it will just be a single round robin with the top two playing for the championship,” said Ferraren, who added this is the third time he’s staging a tournament in Bohol as part of the CVFA.

Ferraren added the 11-a-side will run for two days, while the 8-a-side division, which also saw a decline in numbers, will be played on Sunday.

“The tournament will now only run for three days instead of the original four days,” said Ferraren.

Ferraren added that CVFA decided to tap Sagbayan FC as its partner since its the only Bohol-based club that paid its annual dues since the Philippine Football Federation decided to put Bohol under the CVFA when it decided to trim down the number of member associations per Fifa’s recommendation.

Ferraren added that the tournament is also supported by Sagbayan mayor Junjun Suarez, who is himself an engineer, and councilor Junjun Canono and the SK Council of Sagbayan.

Sagbayan FC also recently announced that Atty. Richard Mier, also a member of the municipal council of the town, was joining the club as its legal counsel.

PUBLIC APOLOGY. CVFA posted a public apology a day after it mis-spelled Bohol in its Facebook page. Apparently, the apology came too late for a faction of Bohol football stakeholders.

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REALLY??? A typo prevents children from playing football??
What is the purpose of a grassroots program?? Surely it is for the benefit of the kids not some huffing and puffing over a typo!! To paraphrase the biblical saying ” he who is without TYPO cast the kids out of the tournament. #redcardonionskin

sir jack dili tinuod ang typo error ang rason wla mo join ang teams sa engrs cup. mahal ra ilang registration fee for rural tournaments. the typo error is no big deal to the bohol football

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