GAB chair Baham Mitra comes up with another novel idea for PHL sports

Baham Mitra, the gift that keeps on giving for Philippine professional sports, has come up with another unique and out-of-the-box ideas that is sure to improve the sporting landscape—rating the various gyms to give prospective trainees an idea on what kind of gym they are signing up for.

“The Games and Amusements Board will carry out a series of gym inspections to assess the readiness of these facilities to provide essential training… As it is a vital for an athlete’s competitiveness to be well-trained, GAB aims to safeguard these professionals from competing without proper training because of poorly maintained facilities,” GAB said in a statement. “And because GAB is ahead of the game, its chairman, Abraham Kahlil “Baham” Mitra has proposed to recognize gyms that will comply with the standards set by the agency for suitable training of athletes, particularly boxers, MMA fighters, and other contact sports.”

WHERE DOES HE GET HIS IDEAS? GAB Chairman Baham Mitra has set the bar so high the next GAB Chairman will need a ladder to play catch-up.

We all know what a five-star hotel is like compared to a two-star hotel, GAB hopes to have the same standards that prospective trainees will readily know what they’re signing up for once they learn the gym is a five-star one, or a two-star one.

GAB claims its chairman is ahead of the game. I disagree. This inspired out-of-the-box idea from the chairman shows it’s not only ahead of the game, it’s redefining the game. I asked Mr. Mitra where he comes up with this idea and his reply was simple but shows what kind of brain he has for pro sports.

If the Department of Tourism accredits tourism establishments, why can’t we accredit gyms?

GAB Chairman Baham Mitra

“If the Department of Tourism accredits tourism establishments why can’t we accredit gyms? It is covered under our mandate to look after the welfare and safety of our athlete,” he told me.

Like I told him, it’s one of those, “how come nobody thought of that moment,” just the latest in the many done by him. The announcement was made at 10 a.m., which makes me wonder if Mr. Mitra was drinking his coffee when he read the latest news regarding DOT and got a light-bulb moment, “Wait a minute..”

I don’t care if I sound like a Baham Mitra cheerleader or if you think I’m in his pocket (we haven’t even met), but his stint as GAB chairman has truly revolutionized sports and he did it with ideas like this, simple but truly game-changing, liike that one that finally defined pro sports in the country.

If the next GAB chairman will be half as pro-active as Mr. Mitra, Philippine pro sports’ future is on the right track.

This is a very simple idea, but one that will have a lasting impact. This will reward those who invest in their gyms and encourage those who may have neglected their gyms.

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