Let’s help Carmen hold a baseball tournament

Carmen in Northern Cebu is fast becoming the baseball capital of Cebu Province as not only does it regularly hold tournament for the kids, it also represents Cebu, and represent it well, in invitational tournaments and Little League tournaments.

On Aug 18 to 21, Carmen will hold a tournament for the 13-Under and 18-Under division, with three teams confirming to join the 13-Under and five in the 18-Under.

HELP NEEDED. The Carmen Stallions during a recent tournament in Ormoc. Carmen baseball is currently looking for sponsors for its prizes for a baseball tournament on Aug. 18 to 21.

The people behind Carmen baseball are still trying to look for sponsors for the prizes for their baseball tournament and I hope a few kind souls out there will be willing to help them. You may get in touch with them through their Carmen Baseball Facebook page.

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Hi There, my family is from Dawis Norte and Dawis Sur. My boys here in the U.S plays baseball. I’m so happy to see that there’s a Carmen Baseball Team. Please let me know how, We can help to support the team.

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